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    CBS News Asks Bonnie Heatzig about Voting in a Swing State

    Realtor: Clients accelerating move to swing state

    BOCA RATON, Fla. — Housing prices, space to spread out, tax savings and sunshine. Those are likely reasons you think about when you think of why people move to Florida. But ask yourself, would the ability to vote in a swing state send you packing?

    It may not be a big trend yet, but some Realtors, like Bonnie Heatzig, are taking note. She said she's h...

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    Millenials and Housing Market | ABC Tampa

    For many millennials, the dream of homeownership was far off. But one of the most unusual yet positive fallouts from the coronavirus pandemic has been some younger adults seeing the value of low-cost living.

    "I'm fortunate to have been able ...

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